Salomé Bazin is a multidisclipinary designer and artist.

She graduated from Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins (London) and Product design at Olivier de Serres (Paris),


Salomé started her career in multimedia design for stage and lighting, involved in various large shows for theatre, art and fashion. Her work covers a wide range of practice including product design industrial design, graphics,branding, lighting design and scenography.


She has a special interest in healthcare research, with a focus on patient engagement and surgical training. Amongst various commercial projects, she collaborated for over 2 years with Imperial College Centre for Surgical Simulation, designing and engineering an entire portable simulation suite for cardiology training and all related products, now used in hospitals to perform interactions between patients and clinicians during complex cardiology procedures.


Salomé is the founder of Cellule, a collaborative design studio for healthcare innovation working accross product and immersive experience design.

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