Cardiology training kit

Project title: SimCath

Client: Imperial College London ICCESS

Launch: Sep 2017


Description: Commission to develop a simulation unit which could be used to perform interactions between patients and clinicians during complex cardiology procedures. The project launched in September 2017 and is now being used for training and patient engagement workshops at Imperial College.

At the centre of our approach to the project was a focus on using design to capture the key aspects of cardiology practice that needed to be communicated during the simulation. Drawing on Salomé's experience of set design, and approaching the operating ‘theatre’ as a stage, we spent time in the labs shadowing clinicians to visualise gestures and procedures; creating an environment which enabled us to mimic live surgery as closely as possible and passively curate behaviour within the space in order to replicate genuine reaction to ‘live’ events as closely as possible.

In contrast to traditional simulation suites, SimCath is affordable and portable and can be transported easily from hospital to hospital, allowing teams to quickly set-up a full scale operation in numerous different contexts and configurations.

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