Modular wheelchair

Project title: Modular wheelchair

Client: Disrupt Disability


Description: Design consultancy for the start up Disrupt Disability, launch and design of their first product


‘Disrupt Disability have two aims. First, to reduce the cost of customised wheelchairs so all 65 million people who need a wheelchair can afford one. Secondly, to give wheelchair users as much choice and control over their wheelchair as they would have over a pair of glasses, so people don’t use a wheelchair, they wear their wheels’.


What is it?: Design and production management of the first modular wheelchair. Manufacture research to develop a new fabrication route, between mass manufacturing and digital fabrication. Design for a dynamic and modern aesthetic, in a material/process led design thinking.


We took a creative approach to the project, researching the implications of hybrid manufacturing on the modular system. Creativity and flexibility became our motto as we worked in rapid design and research sprints to ensure the success of the project. Working closely with our network of manufacturers, we re-evaluated the parameters of the hub and explored potential for creativity in module design.

A key understanding of manufacturing processes enabled us to push the boundaries of the project and establish a product roadmap for Disrupt Disability. The resulting prototype proves the concept of their modular system and has enabled the Disrupt Disability team to develop a functional prototype for user testing and develop the overall system.


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