Print out your heart

Project title: Print out your heart

Self curated/Under exploration


Description: What would you see if you held your heart in your hands?

Each and every one of us is unique, something we take for granted when we consider our external appearances. But what we don’t usually see is just how unique our own internal anatomies are too - or at least not until now.

Recent innovations in imaging and modelisation technologies are enabling researchers and doctors to ‘see’ their patient’s unique and individual hearts, and develop new and personalised treatments for people with heart failure. For the first time, we are able to use computer models to predict how effective different treatments will be, and new MRI techniques are being used to create 3D printed anatomically correct models of individual patient’s hearts for preoperative planning.

Salomé is working on Holding my heart, a project in collaboration with Dr Tanika Kelay and Dr Emmanuel Ako from Imperial College London to take this technology one step further. Can innovation in modelisation technology enable principles of co-design in healthcare, where the end user has their own role to play in decision making?

Holding my Heart will form part of the Spare Parts season at the Science Gallery in London, more info soon..

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